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...I want my baby to just pop out.....and He did!!

This amazing client of mine, L, had actually started her contractions in the wee hours in the morning... she felt it was still too early so she didnt call on me...

I got her first call, just before Subuh prayers, around 4.50am... to let me know that her contractions had started.... but still she said.."not yet, right kak?"

But as the contractions intensified and became closer, her husband, A, called for me to come...I listened to her voice over the phone, and sounded like she was in active labour.... so I came to their house and arrived at around 8.30am.

L was on her couch, resting, since had not had a proper sleep the whole night, but when I recommended her to change positions to a kneel, whilst I did the double hip squeeze on her hips...

L quickly sounded as if she was in 'The transition Stage', as with every contractions she started to wriggle her bottom and screamed for Epidural. A then decide we shall then proceed to NUH..

Whilst waiting for the cab to arrive, and after yet another round of good strong, intense contractions, L was pleading for us to give her injections to just make the baby popped out of her. I reminded her to ask that from Allah, as Allah is the only one who can do that for her... and to visualize baby sliding down her birth passage with every out-breath...

Upon reaching NUH via Taxi, quite a few onlookers was staring at L as she was trying to get comfortable in the wheelchair that was provided upon reaching the hospital, but L was coping really well and A was doing well supporting her...

As we reach the Delivery Suite at around 1030am, A requested for the Water Birth room... As her contractions were quite intense at the time, L didnt want to lie down at all for the CTG... The nurses were superb at complying with her wishes, asn L was put on the wireless CTG, in anticipation to get into the pool later..

Since L wanted to go into the pool for some pain relief, the midwife did a vaginall exams on her and lo and behold.... L was 7cm! All three of us were ecstatic, as L can get into the pool staright away for some pain relief as she had passed the 5cm mark, although, after another round of powerful contractions, L was pleading us to give her epidural and to just give her a C-section to get the baby out!..

L and A got into the pool at around 1100 and immediately L felt the need to push.. the midwife checked her again, and at 1113, with contractions, l was fully dilated at 10cm! A few minutes later, L was totally fully dilated! Dr C was called (and apparently she asked the nurse "are you sure she's fully dilated?" as I think when she called her earlier, L was only 7cm)..

After that, L was having very strong urges to push... and the amazing thing was, baby came out, head and body and all, with one strong push at the end (without Dr C who came literally 3 minutes later!) just as she hoped baby would....!!!!

This is one of my reason to be a Doula and help ladies and their partners in Labour... to make ladies like L believe in themselves that THEY ARE STRONG.... and that they can do this and that they are meant to do this!

Masya Allah! Amazing!

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