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A VBAC Story

F had a very traumatic birth with her first child. Apparently she didnt dilate at all, so she had to go for an emergency C-sect.

So for this birth, F made sure that she really is prepared. F had even engaged me BEFORE she got pregnant again!

F actually had Prodromal Labour a week before the baby's birthday... She got woken up with contractions and we had text messages back and forth to monitor how well she was doing. Finally she decided she needed to go to the hospital, and she wanted me to be there.

When I arrived at the hospital at around 7am, F was sitting at the edge of her bed in the observtion area, coping really well.. at 7.45am, the midwife did a vaginal exam on her and she was already 4cm! We did breathing techniques and heated rice socks as heatpacks and double hip squeezes to help her cope.. but with every contractions, she grabbed on hubby tightly...

At around 1040am, her water broke by itself and when checked, she was already 6cm dilated and fully effaced!! She was so elated although she was requesting for Epidural during her contractions.. but she actually coped really well without any pain relief... we were then moved into one of the delivery suites...

2 hours later, she had started to have very strong urges to push, and when the midwife checked her, she was about 7cm...

An hour later, the Doctor came to checked on her..... F was already fully dilated to 10cm! She had a little bit of help with the doctor and nurses with the pushing and birthed her baby at 2.48pm...

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