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An inspiring VBA2C by Miss Sya

Hello mummies..

This is going to be a long post but I hope this will help those mummies who is trying for VBA2C.


1st born - Elective Csect due to OP position. No trial of labour coz I think gynae doesn’t want to go through hard labour. (It was my first so everything listen to doc)

2nd born - Tried VBAC with Dr Paul Tseng but failed VBAC coz stalled dilation at 6cm. Baby position is also OP. Ended up with Emergency Csect.

So last year when I knew I am pregnant, from a get-go I want to go through VBA2C. Doc said maybe it is due to the shape of my pelvic that both baby is OP. So i did my research and found out that no matter what shape your pelvic is, it is possible to go normal birth as it will stretch like a rubber band. Therefore, it gave me a positive vibes.

My doula, Kak Jannah recommended that I go for Chiropractic. And so I did. I went to Dr Jill from Chiropractic First since I was 6 weeks pregnant. She found out that my pelvic is tilted to one side and so we continued with the adjustments so that the pelvic is balance throughout my pregnancy.

This time round, I also went for Yoga to help me better with breathing and pelvic movement. All this is to ensure baby gets into optimal positions. I made extra effort in this pregnancy bcoz I really want to go through normal birth.

But it is not a beautiful optimistic ride all the time. I do get emotional, doubtful with everyone that is gg to support me for my birth. I questioned my husb every week if I can make it, i cried but i get up again. Dr Paul also explained to me that if baby is OP again, high chance of csect but he leave it up to me (i still stand firm on doing a VBA2C).

At 35weeks, I started eating Ajwa dates and drinking Raspberry leaf tea. I practice my yoga position before bed time everyday.

At 38 weeks, we were told that Dr Paul Tseng will be away during my EDD and Dr EK Tan will relief him. Dr Paul assured me that his relief is able to take VBA2C. So I went to hv a followup check with him. Everything looks ok and Dr EK Tan is very assuring and informed me that baby is in OA and optimal position. My heart was jumping with joy!!! (Well, quietly.. lolx)

On 15 Apr (my edd) 3am..i felt like a cramping pain but I just slept it off. 7am - the mild contraction starts, I timed it thrice to see the frequency and update my doula 9am - the contraction stayed the same but a little bit more intense but I stopped timing (my doula advice not to so that I can focus on my breathing and pain management) and had hot shower 1pm - Ate lunch and watched my korean drama and tried to not focus on the pain 5pm - the pain is stronger now so i had another hot shower but it doesn’t help much so i focused more on my breathing 7pm - the pain was unbearable that my husb started timing (he actually timed throughout the day without me knowing) 8.15pm - Kak Jannah called to ask (i cant even talk alrdy) and we decided to head to hospital as it was too painful 9pm - while getting ready, my waterbag leak and so is the mucus plug 10pm - reached hospital and i’m already 9cm dilated 11.47pm - All praise to Allah, I successfully gave birth to my 3.670kg baby boy, a drug free VBA2C. My husb gets to cut the cord for the very first time and it was a wonderful experience.

I have never thought that this is gg to be a quick one. I laboured as long as I can at home and practice what I’ve learnt. Breathing and all other effort to have a successful VBAC is important too.

I would want to specially thank my doula, Jannah Tayib OilyDoula for all her support throughout my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy. My husband who respected my decision and supported me throughout too. So to all mummies who wants to try VBAC/VBA2C. YOU CAN DO IT!!

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