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Testimonials/Feedbacks from some of my clients whom I have attended their births........


"Jannah is like a Mummy Doula. Gives you the undying support and care before, throughout and even after delivery. Helps me with exercises and provide lots of comfort and encouragement. A patient and caring Doula!". 

~ Azrina~

To my Special doula, Sis Jannah...

Thank you for being my doula and gave me assuarance when I felt that I was unable to do it!!! Your persistence and confidence in me helps me to achieve my dream labour; a labour/birth without any interventions especially EPIDURAL!!! Thank you for entertaining my queries and doubt throughout my pregnancy, for being there with us throughout the labour and giving us guidance of what needs to be done. You're a great Doula and we pray that you will continue in your journey to help others achieve a beautiful birth!!

~Khalijah & Baby Aimaan~

When we found out that I was pregnant, I was pretty much clueless, anxious but determined to have a "fuss-free" labour and delivery. I changed my diet and ate better but unfortunately was still held back by a few setbacks. Although looking back, they only made my pregnancy journey much more interesting.

After reading up and gaining a knowledge or two through support groups and forums online, I chanced upon Doula Jannah. Being excited and anxious at the same time, there were a lot of burning questions that were answered when we attended Doula Jannah's birthing talk session. That session has also turned my husband's apprehension to opening up the need to have the support of a doula throughout the pregnancy and labour.

Never turning even the silliest of questions, Doula Jannah provided me with the reassurance and positivity that I am doing a good job going through the pregnancy which can get a little uncomfortable and stifling at times. With the little encouragement, I learn how to embrace the pregnancy fully.

That led to a calm (at least I think it was) labour. Painful, without a doubt, but how can you not feel calm when someone rubs your back every time the surges hit, making sure I'm well hydrated, ensuring the ambience is pleasant to spur me on to a great delivery. Doula Jannah did all that. As my husband put it, Doula Jannah was truly a godsend as he himself was unsure on what to expect.

Doula Jannah put all right back in place.

When I decided to not birth in water, I felt like I've left both my husband and myself down. Doula Jannah didn't question my decision instead she made me feel that it is ok to change my mind. I am truly grateful for that.

The delivery was beautiful and I would never change anything even if I could. Thank you Doula Jannah for making me be empowered over my child's birth and for reassuring me that with God's Will I am strong enough for a natural delivery. Once again, thank you.



My doula, Jannah, was introduced to me by a good old friend of mine, Lizah. I never regretted making the decision to heed Lizah's advice and hire Doula Jannah. From the first day I met her, I knew she was a good listener and caring, not forgetting candid :). Although she was already booked during the period of my EDD she did her best to render assistance in whatever way she could especially emotional support towards the big day. Just in case she could not attend my labour, she pledged to be there for me as soon as she could join me at the hospital. Fortunately she could attend my labour. It was then that she stayed through my unexpectedly long labour of a total of about 25 hours in the hospital (not including the few hours of SMS exchange at home prior to reaching the hospital) until the moment I was safely wheeled into the ward with my baby. Through that duration she did not sleep a wink and refused to go out for her meals. She did her best to stay with me throughout except for coffee breaks. My vbac attempt (or tolac as my gynae terms it) was unsuccessful due to complications but with Doula Jannah's support, I was able to go through the labour without any inteventions at all. I am grateful enough that finally I got to feel labour pain to the very last moments with her undying encouragements. I truly appreciate her passion in delivering the best service she could.


When I first contacted Doula Jannah, I had so many concerns on my mind. This is my first pregnancy; I’m terrified of pain (I get light-headed with needles); my gynae keeps telling me baby is too ‘ridiculously’ big. What I truly needed was someone who could help me prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for what I desired – a natural delivery. I needed a confidante who understood and supported me. I needed a professional who could advise me when I needed to make informed decisions. I needed a friend who could hug me when I was feeling demoralized. I needed a cheerleader to encourage me when I lost all confidence.

I needed Doula Jannah. She did all this and more. Throughout the four days that I experience a leaking waterbag and contractions, she was there to help relieve my pain as well as to keep my spirits up. Even after four sleepless nights and a very long labour, even after my husband and I had lost all hope for a natural delivery, even after my gynae had given an ultimatum for an emergency c-sect, Jannah rallied me on to stay strong. We had already spent 19-hours in the delivery suite and I was exhausted. But with God’s blessings, 51 minutes into our final make-it-or-break-it hour, my precious 4.13kg boy was born vaginally albeit with vacuum assistance and gas & air for pain relief.
Jannah’s presence lives up to the meaning of her name – she provided that glimpse of paradise and peace during what would have otherwise seemed like hell for a first-time mother like me. I can confidently say I have absolutely no regrets with my entire birth story because, with Jannah’s help, I knew I did my absolute best.
Perhaps my only regret was not meeting her earlier. =) Thank you Jannah!


At first I was quite skeptical to engage a doula for my labour; reason being, why would I want to waste money on someone I barely know...but as the time passed by and when I'm nearer to my EDD, I realised I was really anxious about the 'big day'. And not having any pain during my last stage of pregnancy, doesn't help a bit too. I didn't know what to expect & I had a lot of questions running through my mind. I'm not sure if my labour will turn out the way I want it to be. I just wanted it to be a short & easy one, with very minimal medical interventions...who doesn't anyway?

At the very last minute, I decided to engage Kak Jannah and I was so lucky that she was willing to take me up when I was already more than 36weeks pregnant!

Kak Jannah was truly a pro in the labour room. She knew exactly where to touch me to ease my pain when the contractions hit me, she knew the right words to say to comfort me, she made sure I was at my most comfortable position and she was caring even towards my husband. She tried means & way to make me feel relaxed...

Initially we thought that it would be weird to have a doula during labour as we only knew her for a short period of time. But boy was i so wrong! Even my husband, whom was not keen in the first place, was really in awe on how she managed to calm the whole situation.

I guessed I don't have enough words to compliment you, Kak Jannah but I'm very sure, I never ever regret in engaging you, at all. My husband was so happy indeed that you were there to assist us in every possible way you could. It was an incredibly short labour for a first time mom and I didn't expect my labour was going to be that smooth. And yes, i do believe now that having a doula, really helps in cutting down the unnecessary medical interventions. I would have easily opt for the epidural if not for your presence. You're truly an angel to me during my labour! (Besides always having Allah swt in my heart & mind, and my dear husband's presence, of course! Hehe.)

For the bottom of our sincerest hearts, we thank you for being with us throughout! From 18 Sept 2013, 4am when you accompanied me via whatsapp til 11am at the hospital...and until 3.10pm when my dear boy was born. Thank you so very much. May Allah swt bless you with the pinkiest of health always. Inshaa Allah Amin.


Dear sis Jannah,

Thanks for helping me throughout my pregnancy. You had given me strength to go through the labour without fear. I now know my rights and I fight for it even though there were many obstacles I need to overcome. You are always there when I need you. You help me a lot and taught me a lot too. Thanks for being my great doula!! I love you kak!

~Sis Sakinah~


Our bodies are indeed designed to give birth. Apart from my loved ones, Doula Jannah has given me many words of encouragement and assured me to have confidence (yaqin)  in my maternal instinct and soldier on, especially towards the end of pregnancy, till i passed my 40-wk mark.

In the birthroom, Doula Jannah tirelessly cheered me on and continued supporting the husband and I, until eventually, we welcomed our li'l Abdurrahman.

Thanks again, Doula Jannah. May your exciting journey in supporting our beautiful yet strong sisters be blessed with ease & pleasure :)



My ideal birth... NO Induction, NO Pain killers... a TOTALLY natural birth...

Question to myself: Is it possible?Me: hmmmm...Question to myself: Can I do it?Me: hmmmm...

All these hmmm(s)... subsided when I met Jannah. We connected during the last 2 months of my pregnancy. She has been invaluable when it comes to my uncertainties. She's always there to support & reassure my husband and I that I can do it. She made sure that I'm equipped with the knowledge to cope with the process, going through the different stages of labour and explaining everything in details.

On the day of our labour, I was speechless when the nurses told us that I'm 8-9am dilated upon arriving at the hospital. I did everything according to her guidance and with her constant support, I was able to achieve an absolutely smooth and fast birth.

Jannah is not only a doula... She is a true friend who cares deeply about you!

Thank you for being there for us!

~'June & Fahizal'~

 Just to share my pleasant experience delivering my baby girl. She's 4.735kg and 53cm. It was a natural birth at 42+1 weeks. Only used gas towards the end of labor, small tear only. Was actually scheduled for csect that very day but had show n contractions in the morning so decided to try for natural. Big factor to the successful natural birth - my wonderful doula Jannah Tayib. Thanks to her for supporting me and providing never-ending encouragement even when I myself have given up hope on a natural birth. So mummies, it is possible to go beyond due date and to deliver a big baby


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